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Can adhesives projects be supported with digital technology? Opinions vary greatly on this question, but there is no doubt that digitalization is finding its way into the adhesives industry. The only question is in which areas and to which extent.

Digital technology can help long before the actual bonding process begins. Which materials need to be bonded? Are there any requirements for the processing technology? Which requirements will the bonding layer have after curing and which legal standards or certifications may restrict the usability of certain system? has helped process managers find the right bonding technique since 2016 by providing a platform to run through a variety of bonding scenarios. Our search machine uses multiple databanks to map out the various technical parameters for individual bonding cases.

The new search areas we have added, including chemical and mechanical pretreatment of substrates as well as metering and processing technology, allow the user to navigate the whole world of adhesives.

In addition to the purely technical filter options, there is now a separate area, opened at the beginning of 2021, that enables searches for adhesives based on practical bonding applications. This area offers detailed examples of how adhesives can be applied in both the manufacturing industry as well as the construction and craft sectors.

The search results show comparisons of and make suggestions for products and technologies in a manufacturer-neutral ranking. The search mechanisms use technical data provided exclusively by manufacturers and suppliers. Once the favored product is selected, the user receives the respective technical product information as well as contact options for the corresponding suppliers.

Alternatively, it is also possible to search for specific companies whose industry expertise and range of services are already known.

At the end of 2021, Substratec GmbH will introduce a new navigator world for additive manufacturing processes alongside the search engine for bonding technologies, thus laying the foundation for the connection of two innovation-driven industries whose technical synergy potential is beyond question. Further search concepts for coatings, paints, and varnishes as well as oils and greases will follow.

The parameters in the filter range are of a reasonable depth, and the prepared technical data is used as a basis for various solution options. These are essential components of this service.

The experienced user is guided through the finding mechanism just as easily as someone who only wants to obtain initial information. The search engine is available to visitors free of charge as an open-source medium.

The B2B platform provides a quick market overview and enables practice-oriented preliminary research that facilitates uncomplicated, direct access to technical expertise.

The data won through the evaluation of the users' search behavior provides a detailed insight into the market for adhesives and allows demand tendencies to be inferred and corresponding trends to be monitored. Primary market research and personal consulting for projects are two further building blocks that will expand the service spectrum of Substratec GmbH. is just one example of how digitalization has entered into industry. Many exciting solutions have already been developed across the entire process chain, including the simulation of highly complex bonding scenarios, the mapping of measuring and testing technology, the interaction within processing technology, APP-based documentation of bonding processes, and even further training for processors. is intended for all professional users and process managers, especially those from R&D, purchasing as well as product, project, process and quality management.

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