Adhesive Scouting 4.0 – Adhesive Search Redefined!

Industrial requirements for adhering highly complex modern materials continue to change as new materials and material combinations are introduced. The search for the right adhesive in this regard can be tedious and oftentimes costly. But now there is a new, free and fast way to find the right adhesive. The adhesive search engine© is an online search engine that considerably simplifies the complex preliminary search for a given bonding process.

Online research is the ideal way to identify relevant adhesive systems in the early stages of an adhesive project. The basic idea of the navigator is as simple as it is ingenious: the basis of the search is the substrate itself! With this search method, adhesives are not only classified according to their general field of application, but rather according to their possible applicability to the specific material pairing stipulated by the user. This makes it possible to contrive a variety of adhesion scenarios, potentially applicable in any industry.

Choosing from more than 100 substrate types/materials, the user determines his own individual material pairing, then enters further basic technical information into the search. In so doing, both the relevant parameters in the adhesion process as well as the specific requirements of the chemical and physical adhesive properties are considered before, during, and after the processing.© filters out the appropriate adhesive products through a specially defined algorithm and then evaluates them according to their relevance. The meaningful scalability and comparability of the data are essential elements of this service. The navigator displays the extracted adhesive systems in a neutral ranking, along with the latest technical product information as well as contact information for manufacturers and suppliers. This saves time and prepares the user for a following technical consultation.© is guaranteed to operate independently of manufacturers. Rankings are not paid for; only the hard-technical facts and data count.© is not a trading company and does not include an own shop system.© is a high-tech marketing platform which serves as an orientation assistant for the preselection of adhesive systems. The online research for adhesive systems is suitable for all professional users and process managers, especially those from R&D and procurement as well as those in product, project, process, and quality management.

...and everything fits!