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Adhesive Bonding Technology

Exploration of the fast growing automotive aftermarket in the early nineties opened new opportunities in this particular industry. Plastic components in cars became more and more important replacing metal parts and subsequently the need to repair and bond plastics became immanent. Special adhesives filled this void and provided a solid base for further growth of VIP. The company is specialized in 2-component adhesive technologies and became a major supplier to the industry and well known private label customers. Innovative bonding products such as Polyurethanes, Polyurea, Methacrylates and MS-Polymers complimented the range of 2-part industrial adhesives and sealants

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PowerBond 1part MS windscreen
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Bonding of car front windscreens. The 1K-MS-Windscreen does not need hazchem marking and qualifies for even the strictest Health & Safety rules as well as laws and EU-guidelines for the environment.

PowerBond 2part MS Polymer
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Through the research & development of MS Polymers a success story in bonding technology has been reinvigorated combining the properties of conventional bonding systems like polyurethanes, silicones and acrylates, without the necessity of keeping their weak points.

PowerMix 2K PUR Universal
Adhesive Bonding Technology

In many areas of industry 2-component Polyurethane-Systems are among the most used bonding systems.

PowerMix Protect - 2part PUR non hazardous
Adhesive Bonding Technology

The continous development of the 2K-PU Power Mix series has generated a new VIP innovation in the field of adhesive technology. Power Mix Protect - PMX 6000 system sets new standards in terms of health and work safety.

PowerWeld 2part MMA
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Structural Bonding in modern Manufacturing and Processing demands extremely high degrees of strength, speed and safety for the functional bonding of modern materials.

PerfectFill 1K High Build Primer
Surface Treatment

Perfect Fill is a ready to use high build primer/ filler in an aerosol. Specially designed to fill and prime sand scratches and uneven surfaces before top coating.