PowerMix Protect - 2part PUR non hazardous

Adhesive Bonding Technology

The continous development of the 2K-PU Power Mix series has generated a new VIP innovation in the field of adhesive technology. Power Mix Protect - PMX 6000 system sets new standards in terms of health and work safety.

Due to to the reduced labbelling classification according to CLP/GHS safety packaging can be reduced ( i.e. gloves) for DIY markets. Power Mix Protect – PMX 6000 is a system for dynamically demanding, high strength bonds, which need to retain some flexibility to maintain a high degree of mechanical strength. With an outstanding application consistency Power Mix Protect – PMX 6000 is the ideal solution for repairing, gap filling, sealing and bonding, as it builds a solid plastic material after hardening. In general a 2K-system always stands for controlled and fast cure and makes bonding independent from surrounding temperature, humidity and bead thickness.

  • Non Toxic / Free of labelling for H351 / R40
  • Easy clean handling, non dripping, shapeable
  • Suitable for end consumers
  • Extremely fast controlled cure (from the inside to the outside)
  • Cures independent of surrounding temperature, humidity or bead thickness
  • Steadfast bonds, permanently flexible, Non sag
  • Good weathering and ageing resistance
  • Reworking like sanding, drilling and threading within 15-30 mins.
  • Overpaintable after approx. 60 mins.
  • Free of solvents and other VOC’s
  • Resists water, oil, petrol, solvents, acids and alkalines
  • Adjustment of Shore-hardness and work times possible
  • Good impact resistance
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Voelkel Industrie Produkte GmbH
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Consistent Performance for industrial needs. Exploration of the fast growing automotive aftermarket in the early nineties opened new opportunities in this particular industry.


Adhesive and sealant systems
Chemical Basis
2-part systems
2-part systems
2-part systems
2-part polyurethane
PUR (lower degree of cross-linking)
PVC (harder perfomance)
PVC (softer perfomance)
Thermosetting Plastics
PUR (higher degree of cross-linking)
cast iron
steel - chromated
steel - galvanised
steel - blasted SA 2,5
Glass & Ceramic Materials
Wood & Timber
solid timber - untreated
Construction materials
natrual stones
Size of application area
cm²-/cm³ range - component
m² range - workpiece
Curing mechanisms
room temperature curing
chemical curing
Pot life @ +20/23°C - Minimum / minutes
1-5 min
Processability (approx.)
≤ 30 minutes
(Mixed) viscosity
Packaging unit
cartridge (1- or 2-part)
temperature resistance <0°C (approx.)
from -40°C
from -30°C
temperature resistance >0°C (approx.)
to +90°C
to +100°C
to +120°C
colour and colour fastness
Sh-D 41 to 60
gap filling properties
≤ 5mm
deformation capability
≤ 30%
≤ 50%
against substances (non-binding information)
salt water
Ecological requirements
without hazardous label
Mobility - Land Transportation / chassis & vehicle superstructures
seam sealings
Mobility - Land Transportation / vehicle exteriors
cladding components
Mobility - Land Transportation / vehicle interiors
decorative trims
ceiling, wall, floor elements
door claddings
cladding components
Boat & Shipbuilding / interiors
cabin construction
Construction Components & Elements / windows & doors (plastic & metal)
corner angles
edge bondings

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