Adhesive Bonding Technology

Better than Tapes: Liquid Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

The high-performance materials combine the beneficial properties of industrial tapes with the easy and automatable processability of liquid adhesives. By offering an immediate bond strength after joining the components with pressure, this new class of adhesives enables rapid processes in almost any application.

Main advantages:

Automated Processes

  • Automated and precise dispensing
  • Irradiation at specified wavelength transfers liquid adhesives to tape phase

Immediate Fixation Strength

  • Tape-like surface after irradiation
  • Adhesion build-up by slight pressure application
  • No clamping necessary
  • Bonding of opaque parts
  • Enables high UPH

Bonding of Complex and Small Structures

  • Complete freedom of design
  • 3D bonding surface
  • Complex patterns
  • Bonding of small features with sub-mm width

Cost Efficient Manufacturing

  • No heat curing necessary
  • Low energy costs
  • Reduced waste compared to tape solution

Main Application

  • Industrial Manufacturing, Automotive, Consumer electronics
Product Info
DELO Industrie Klebstoffe GmbH & Co. KGaA
Adhesive Bonding Technology

DELO is a leading manufacturer of customized special adhesives and technology for applications in high-tech industries for more than 50 years – from the automotive and aviation industries to optoelectronics and electronics.


Size of application area
µm²-/µm³ range - micro parts
mm²-/mm³range - precision parts
cm²-/cm³ range - workpieces
System solutions
1-part systems
1-part systems
acrylate UV Tech
Curing mechanisms
UV-/ light curing
(Mixed) viscosity
high viscosity
Temperature resistance <0°C (approx.)
from -40°C
Temperature resistance >0°C (approx.)
to +120°C
Colour and colour fastness
colour spectrum bright
Product Labelling
Application Types
dot application
line, bead application
Curing mechanisms
UV-/ light curing

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