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Adhesive Bonding Technology

Every day, the tough, reliable bond of SCIGRIP® structural adhesives is being used in thousands of structural applications all around the world. From composite bridges to product assembly to maritime applications, SCIGRIP® is an industry favorite for bonding advance composites with little or no surface preparation. And now with SubstrateMatch™, we’ve made it easier than ever to find a product that fits your specific structural bonding needs.

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Adhesive Bonding Technology

SCIGRIP® SG600 Methacrylate Adhesives are two-component, 10:1 mix ratio products for bonding metals, composites and other plastic parts.

Adhesive Bonding Technology

SCIGRIP® SG300 Series Methacrylate Adhesives are two-component, 10:1 mix ratio products for bonding metals, composites and other plastic parts.

Adhesive Bonding Technology

SCIGRIP® SG230 HV (High Viscosity) Methacrylate Adhesive, is a two-component, 10:1 mix ratio product for bonding composite and other plastic parts with little to no surface preparation.

Adhesive Bonding Technology

SCIGRIP® SG5000 Methacrylate Adhesives are high strength two-component products for bonding metals, plastics and composites.

Adhesive Bonding Technology

SCIGRIP®42 is a two-component, clear, medium bodied, reactive acrylic adhesive.

Adhesive Bonding Technology

SCIGRIP® SG800 Series are two component, 10:1 ratio Methacrylate Adhesives for bonding metals and other plastic substrates.

Integra - Construction Bonder
Adhesive Bonding Technology

A premium multipurpose adhesive for attaching a variety of materials to surfaces Quartz, some Ceramics and Porcelain, Solid Surface, Natural Stone and more.

Integra - Surface Bonder S.S.A.
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Surface Bonder S.S.A. provides a seamless, perfectly colour-matched finish to solid surface and composite worktops made from acrylic and polyester blends.

Integra - Surface Bonder Rapid
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Surface Bonder Rapid is specially developed to cure in half the time of similar products to keep your fabrication shop running at peak productivity.

Integra - Surface Bonder Zero
Adhesive Bonding Technology

A non-sagging adhesive specifically designed for Natural Stone, Quartz, and Compact Sintered surfaces with outstanding strength and performance.

Unika - Color Joint
Adhesive Bonding Technology

ColorJoint is a new colour matched adhesive and sealant for laminate worktop joints.

Unika - TopSeal
Adhesive Bonding Technology

A Colour matched adhesive and sealant. Use on shower/wall panels, backsplashes and worktop upstands.

Unika - ColorFill
Adhesive Bonding Technology

The first sealant to be designed specifically for the installation of mitred worktop joints.

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