Stauf D37

Adhesive Bonding Technology

Premium Dispersions-Bodenbelags- und Kontaktklebstoff

Special features

  • wide range of applications
  • suited for wet bonding, pressure sensitive adhesion and contact bonding
  • particularly long open time
  • very economical
  • excellent initial tack
  • excellent green tack
Product Info
STAUF Klebstoffwerk GmbH
Adhesive Bonding Technology

STAUF Klestoffwerk GmbH is a leading specialist in adhesive technology. On the market since 1828, STAUF has been developing and producing floor covering adhesives for parquet, PVC, carpeting, stones or metal as well as solutions for the optimal preparation of the substrate and for surface treatment. With the AKZENT brand, STAUF offers reliable, high-quality product solutions in professional wood surface treatment.


Size of application area
m² range - components
System solutions
Mineral (Construction) Materials
concrete & cement
Wood & Timber
solid timber - untreated
OSB - oriented strand board
1-part systems
1-part systems
1-part dispersion adhesives
1-part contact adhesive
Curing mechanisms
room temperature curing
moisture curing
Pot life @ +20/23°C - Minimum / minutes
6-15 min
16-30 min
31-59 min
Pot life @ +20/23°C - Minimum / hours
1-2 h
Packaging unit
hobbock/ drum
Colour and colour fastness
colour spectrum bright
Size of application surface
m² range - components
Areas up to 10m²
Areas up to 100m²
Large areas from 100m²
chemical, electrochemical
Mineral (Construction) Materials
gypsum fibre
cementitious surfaces
natrual stones
Wood & Timber
OSB - oriented strand board

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