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“Creating Our Future From a Single Drop”

It all began in 1955, when Osamu Ukumori was watching a car starting at a crossroads and leave a big oil on the tarmac. He decided to do something about this waste of resources and pollution and founded the company ThreeBond whose first product was a universally applicable liquid sealant "ThreeBond No.1".

In the following years, ThreeBond has developed into one of the world's most important and active manufacturers of adhesives and sealants through patented products. Based on natural and synthetic raw materials, these products have been further developed and increasingly specialized for the different applications. Today, their performance has reached dimensions that seemed unimaginable just a few years ago. For this purpose, ThreeBond's own research and development centres are constantly carrying out tests to improve the well-known in adhesive and sealant technology, and to explore the unknown and make it accessible to customers. For it has always been our main concern to always fully meet the expectations and wishes of our customers and always be one step ahead of time.

ThreeBond Sales - meeting the needs of our customers The ThreeBond-salesman are so-called "sales engineers". With a high level of experience and know-how they are able to answer the questions and concerns of our customers as well as to make a product pre-selection for our customers. Our global distribution structure is divided into six local areas: Japan, North & Central America, South America, Europe, Asia and China.

ThreeBond Research and Development - creates new values The ultimate goal of our development department is to provide our customers with the best possible product. In order to fulfil the wishes of our customers, we are able to realize targeted changes for the optimization of our materials and to present every customer a product tailored to their requirements. Thus, ThreeBond products play a crucial role in cost optimization and cost reduction. By understanding and taking advantage of current technological developments and tracking changes in each industry, we guide our development for the future.

Cooperation between sales and development Our technical service provides support as a partner to our sales engineers, bridging the gap between sales and development. ThreeBond has no clear demarcation between sales and development. This cooperation allows us to solve customer inquiries and problems in a short time. Our technical service delivers the wishes and requirements of the customer directly to the development department, which allows them to directly influence the development of new products.

Understanding, trust, comradeship At ThreeBond, the trust of our customers is our highest bidding. For us, our Understanding, Reliance, Comradeship (URC) activities "build trust in us and our work by understanding the needs and desires of our clients, and achieving a sense of comradeship at eye level". This basic idea stands for customer-oriented business relations. At ThreeBond, we strive to make our contribution to the world through our advanced technologies that produce superior products, and through shared thinking and action, which are universal elements of a society, to constantly improve them.

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Three Bond 2270J
Adhesive Bonding Technology

One-component epoxy resin with excellent thermal conductivity. Wide range of material combinations, curing already at moderate temperatures.

Three Bond 1160
Adhesive Bonding Technology

New one-component, moisture-curing, elastic adhesive designed to meet the needs of alternative drive systems like EV and EHV!

Three Bond 2280H
Adhesive Bonding Technology

One-component, expanding epoxy resin for for safe and stable filling of gaps and voids in large metal components.

Three Bond 2273D
Adhesive Bonding Technology

One-component epoxy resin with enormously high shear, impact and impact resistance. Induction hardening with HF loops within seconds, automatable and manual processes.

Three Bond 1160B
Adhesive Bonding Technology

New one-component moisture-curing acrylic-based elastic adhesive!

Three Bond 2217H
Adhesive Bonding Technology

One-component epoxy resin with short cure times. Its rheological properties make it suitable for fully automated and screen printing applications.

Three Bond 1537E
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Moisture-curing elastic one-component adhesive for protecting electrical & electronic components against environmental influences and media. UL 94 V 0 certified.

Three Bond 1227H
Adhesive Bonding Technology

One-component high-performance moisture-curing RTV silicone with excellent chemical resistance to a wide variety of media, incl. engine & gear oils or coolants.

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