Drei Bond GmbH

Bonding Technology

Drei Bond is a system provider in the following sectors: Highly effective adhesives and sealing materials, oiling and greasing. The company offers chemical solutions as well as suitable application systems and dose machines from one hand to its customers. Drei Bond’s goal is to support the customers as innovative partner with sustainable and technological offers in their respective markets and to reinforce them in their competitiveness. Highest satisfaction of customers is the key point of acting. The employees are the basis for the economic success of Drei Bond. Thanks to their skills and their engagement, they save the company’s future. Drei Bond is a fair and flexible employer which maintains an open and confident communication structure. The most important corner stones are esteem and team spirit.

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Drei Bond 4084
Bonding Technology

Flexible product, to bond materials with different elongation, ISO 10993-5 approved.

Drei Bond 8662
Bonding Technology

2K-Methacrylat-Klebstoff, der sich insbesondere durch seinen stark reduzierten Geruch auszeichnet. Zudem weisen beide Komponenten eine geringere Gefährlichkeit verglichen mit ähnlichen Produkten auf und erhalten somit lediglich das „Ausrufezeichen“ als Piktogramm.

Drei Bond 4261
Bonding Technology

Schnell aushärtender 2-Komponenten-Klebstoff auf Methacrylat-Basis zum Verkleben von PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, Polyolefinen, Co-Polymeren, PTFE, EDPM.

Drei Bond 9160
Bonding Technology

Drei Bond 9160 is an elastic, one component MS-Polymer. Sealant and adhesive for bonding vehicle bodywork, containers and vehicle manufacture, air conditioning and heating equipment, metal work etc.

Drei Bond 5330
Bonding Technology

Drei Bond 5330 is a high-strength, anaerobic curing threadlocker suitable for metallic substrates. DVGW approvedand certified according to DIN EN 751-1 (registration no.: NG-5146AR0637).

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