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Bonding Technology

GLUETEC Industrieklebstoffe GmbH & Co. KG is one of Europe's leading suppliers of special adhesives and sealants. We enjoy great trust from well-known customers in all areas of industry and commerce and consider ourselves a full-service solution partner. With our adhesive expertise, we support you in all aspects of product selection, packaging, product design, private labelling, contract filling, contract labelling, packaging and shipping. Also the production and the bonding of products for highly specialized industrial applications can be realized at any time. We create strong connections.

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>02K43UF Screw Safety user-friendly 02K43UF Screw Safety user-friendly
Bonding Technology

The WIKO SCREW SAFETY 02K4UF3 is suitable for attaching screws as delivered, without cleaning.

>WIKO Super Glue 300 WIKO Super Glue 300
Bonding Technology

WIKO SUPER GLUE 300 is a thixotropic high-performance adhesive that is highly moisture-resistant and hardens very fast in 2 - 4 seconds. For absorbing materials, leather, cardboard, cork, wood, foam, plastic, elastomers and metals.

>WIKO Metal Master WIKO Metal Master
Bonding Technology

Highly viscous, two-component epoxy resin adhesive with particularly high metal content of 70 %. It offers multiple application possibilities for the maintenance of metal parts as well as for the manufacturing of prototypes and for the fi¬lling of forms.

>WELDYX Professional 15 WELDYX Professional 15
Bonding Technology

The methacrylate-based WELDYX structural adhesives are bonding safely different composites. WELDYX professional 15 is DIN EN 45545-2/R1 certified and reaches the fire protection level HAZARD LEVEL HL 3.

>BLOCK BOND ECO® Hoof Adhesive BLOCK BOND ECO® Hoof Adhesive
Bonding Technology

The two-component polyurethane adhesive BLOCK BOND ECO® is specially developed for hoof care as well as safe and fast bonding of wooden blocks with cattle hoofs. The main advantage is the high strength and the fast application.

>WIKO Repair 90 WIKO Repair 90
Bonding Technology

WIKO REPAIR 90 is a fast Polyurethane-based adhesive for repairing and putting of various materials. Extreme resistance to effects of weather and aging. Ability to be finished (grinding, drilling, cutting) and re-varnished.