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Bonding Technology

Kisling is a leading manufacturer of high-quality adhesives and sealants for almost every line of industry.

Our range of own-brand products under the name ergo.® comprise high-strength structural adhesives on a (meth)acrylate and epoxy basis, anaerobic adhesives, super glues, hybrid polymer adhesives and sealants as well as RTV silicones for a wide variety of applications.

Our customers include companies from the fields of electronics, mechanical engineering, pump and valve construction and mobility. Kisling is the right partner for almost every application.

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ergo.® 1307
Bonding Technology

This low odor ergo® - grade was developed to bond metals like aluminum, steel, brass and its alloys as well as ferrite, a wide range of plastics and combinations of those materials.

>ergo.® 4052 - thread locker medium strength ergo.® 4052 - thread locker medium strength
Bonding Technology

Medium strength product with excellent resistance against chemicals and temeprature. Cures very fast, even on galvanised surfaces and on stainless or high alloyed steel.

>ergo.® 4211 ergo.® 4211
Bonding Technology

Medium strength product, which is suitable for fastening and sealing of, threaded pipe connections up to 2 inches. The ideal choice if copper or its alloys combined with hot water are involved and high temperature resistance is required.

>ergo.® 1675 ergo.® 1675
Bonding Technology

ergo.® 1675 is a non-sagging, two-part methacrylate adhesive designed for structural bonding of thermoplastic, metal, and composite assemblies.

>ergo.® 5923 ergo.® 5923
Bonding Technology

Medium to high viscous and nearly odourless glue, which shows less blooming or whitening than normal grades. Suitable for bonding of jewellery or crystal into carrier and recommended, wherever visible traces of glue must be avoided.

ergo.® 1665
Bonding Technology

ergo.® 1665 is a non-sagging, two-part methacrylate adhesive designed for structural bonding of thermoplastic, metal, and composite assemblies.

>ergo.® 3110 ergo.® 3110
Bonding Technology

Neutral cure one-component RTV silicone formulated for use in a wide range of industrial applications.

ergo.® 1452
Bonding Technology

ergo.® 1451 is a medium viscous, toughened and impact resistant two-component system, which is suitable for all applications where glass, ceramic, metal or a combination of these materials is involved.

>ergo.® 7440 ergo.® 7440
Bonding Technology

ergo.® 7440 is a black, toughened, pasty epoxy resin for application with composite or metal parts. The resin provides excellent strength build up after pot life, very good heat resistance up to 180 °C as well as remarkable mechanical properties.

>ergo.® 7430 ergo.® 7430
Bonding Technology

Universal, high strength product with excellent adhesion to metals. May be used also for other materials like glass, ceramic and hard plastics.