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Bonding Technology

The active use of adhesives is becoming a rapidly growing trend in the industrial sector. The advantages of adhesive technology are clear: it is light, clean and above all safe. Thanks to the precise adhesive strength, individual components are bonded efficiently and with unprecedented accuracy, ensuring customers receive the best possible solutions. From adhesive manufacturing to process integration – "The Bonding Engineers" are your ideal contacts on any subject, from global specification work through individual product development to innovative adhesive designs.

The adhesive experts from the Lohmann Tape Group cover the entire value chain and enable customer-focused solutions. Founded in 1851, Lohmann is one of the pioneering forces in adhesive tape technology and is now active on a global scale. The Adhesive Tape Group is headquartered in Neuwied, Germany. The company now has over 1,800 employees worldwide, 29 international sites, and exclusive sales partners in over 50 countries all around the world.

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DuploCOLL® 43102
Bonding Technology

Double-sided adhesive mounting tape with fabric carrier and acrylic adhesive.

DuploCOLL® 5015
Bonding Technology

Double-sided pressure sensitive adhesive mounting tape with a modified acrylic adhesive and a compressible foam carrier.

DuploCOLL® 918
Bonding Technology

Double-sided adhesive foam tape for mounting and permanent fastening on virtually all smooth and slightly uneven surfaces.

DuploCOLL® 200
Bonding Technology

Environmentally friendly double-sided adhesive tape with special paper carrier.

DuploCOLL® 102 HCR
Bonding Technology

Double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for mounting and permanent bonding on smooth and rough surfaces.

DuploCOLL® 319
Bonding Technology

Double-sided pressure sensitive adhesive tape coated with a high-performance Rubber adhesive.

DuploCOLL® 377
Bonding Technology

Double-sided, transparent, distortion-free adhesive mounting tape.

DuploTEC® 688 SBF
Bonding Technology

DuploTEC® 688 SBF is a Structural Bonding Film based on polyurethane technology for fast bonding processes and low activation temperatures.

DuploCOLL® 3605.2
Bonding Technology

Double-sided adhesive tape with polyester film and pure acrylic adhesive.

DuploCOLL® 50001 LSE
Bonding Technology

Double-sided pressure sensitive adhesive tape with a white polyethylene foam carrier and an aggressive synthetic rubber adhesive.

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