Lohnpack GmbH Abfüll- und Verpackungsservice

Bonding Technology

Lohnpack is a leading contract filling company in Europe and the United States offering full service filling, packaging, and assembling. With more than 100 trained staff members and modern, fully automated production equipment, we set new industry standards.

Renowned brand manufacturers and leading industrial companies all over the world bank on the reliability and quality of Lohnpack.

“What Sets Us Apart” Factors:

  • 30,000 m² integrated production and warehouse facility
  • High-performance, precise, consistent filling machines
  • Specialized machinery by our own special-purpose machinery building company
  • Exemplary equipment for quality assessment and quality assurance
  • International leader for 2-component cartridge filling, i.e. SBS, u-TAH and Coaxial cartridges

Eberhardstraße 60
71679 Asperg



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