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Bonding Technology

Marston-Domsel manufactures and markets a large number of technically highly developed sealants, anaerobic liquid plastics and adhesives as well as other auxiliary materials worldwide for trade and industry.

Decades of experience have made MARSTON-DOMSEL a household name in the industry. We will continue to aim for the continuous optimization of our product range in the future so that we can continue to set standards for functionality and performance. Problems are solved in collaboration with competent technicians, not just in Germany but also worldwide. All internationally acquired experience is incorporated together with research results to the benefit of the customer.

The manufacturing facilities fulfil all relevant international standards. Due to optimized manufacturing processes, MARSTON-DOMSEL can pass on the benefits of costeffective production to the customer.

We have our own laboratory in which we perform customer-specific tests such as resistance tests, elasticity measurements, tension measurements, temperature tests and viscosity measurements.

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MD GLUE 150.424
Bonding Technology

For universal application with a wide variety of materials.

MD Screw Retention 585.243
Bonding Technology

Anaerobic adhesive is a one-component adhesive which cures on contact with metal under air conclusion. Anaerobic adhesive glues, seals and protects screws connecting, adhere, screw thread sealing, safe and permanent.

MD GLUE 111.495
Bonding Technology

For high-strength bonding of metals and plastic combinations. Universally applicable.

MD Megabond 2000
Bonding Technology

2-component high performance adhesive. MD MEGABOND two-component high-performance adhesive is the „Formula One racer“ amongst high-performance adhesives.

MD 2K MS Polymer
Bonding Technology

MD MS 2K Polymer is a high-quality MS Polymer-based adhesive. Resistant to UV, weather, water, damp and chlorine.

MD CA-Star 2K Flex
Bonding Technology

2K adhesive Methoxy ethyl cyanoacrylat

MD MK 3000
Bonding Technology

Mounting adhesive with immediate initial adhesion. MD MK 3000 is the new generation of mounting adhesives and has a very strong initial bonding.

MD MEGABOND 3000 - 10:1 System
Bonding Technology

MD MEGABOND 3000/3030 belongs to the newest generation of two-component adhesives. At a mixing ratio of 10:1 it can be used for technical plastics as well as for a lot of treated and untreated metals such as aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper etc.

MD MS Polymer
Bonding Technology

Elastic adhesive, high strength, adhesive and sealing applications for interior and exterior, in construction and industry.