nolax AG

Bonding Technology

Heares is a nolax start-up. nolax AG invents and develops new joint technologies and thus opens up new markets.

The nolax AG, an independent, family-owned company, is...

  • a think tank and laboratory for startups developing novel adhesives and bonding technologies
  • with specialists from various industries and areas of expertise,
  • several active start-ups,
  • core competency in Lifestyle, Mobility or
  • fields where mobility, aesthetics, health, security and comfort play a role, with
  • clusters in Europe and North America.

Eichenstr. 12
CH-6203 Sempach Station



HEARES A36.3202
Bonding Technology

HEARES A36.3202 is a high temperature resistant adhesive for bonding z. B. Heat protection materials Application up to 500 °C without delamination.