COSMO DS-420.110

Bonding Technology

COSMO DS-420.110 is a solvent-free gap-filling and universally applicable assembly adhesive sealing compound with a particularly high initial adhesion and an elastic adhesive sealing joint.

It is mainly used as so-called „seam paste“, for the bonding of window joint tapes / waterstops onto frame profiles of window and door reveals according to the assembly standard RAL. Furthermore, this adhesive sealing compound is also ideally suited for absorbent building materials for a permanent elastic and windproof bonding of joints and construction element connections and for the sealing of vapour barriers / steam brakes in the dry construction.

It can be used without additional mechanical fixation for joints and connections in new building and renovation according to DIN 4108-7 (2011-01).

  • Very low emission
  • Permanently elastic adhesive joint
  • solvent-free
  • excellent adhesion on all conventional absorbent wood and building materials, ceramics, metals, duro- and thermoplastics as well as polyolefin foils (PE- and PP-foils)
  • no corrosion on metals
  • particularly high initial adhesive
  • good stability against early rain
  • quick functional hardness of the bonded film tapes
  • processable from -5°C up
  • resistance to freezing up to -30°C


  • bonding/sealing of diffusion-tight and moisture diffusing seal tapes with window and door assembly
  • sealing of diffusion barriers, vapour-proof barriers and sealing films
  • also applicable in the fields of building trade, assembly and industry
Product Info
Weiss Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG
Bonding Technology

For many decades now, Weiss has been a synonym for top-level services in the segments of adhesives and sandwich panel technology.


Size of adhesive area
cm²-/cm³ range
m²-/m³ range
1-part systems
1-part dispersion adhesives
Product Labelling
without hazardous label
Temperature resistance <0°C (approx.)
from -20°C
Temperature resistance >0°C (approx.)
to +80°C
Deformation capability
≤ 300%
Colour of adhesive film
Curing mechanisms
room temperature curing
(Mixed) viscosity
Packaging unit
cartridge (1- or 2-part)
Construction & Finishing Craft / roof
vapour barriers connection bondings
joint bondings
underroofing membranes
Construction & Finishing Craft / windows & doors
joint tapes
Sector classification
construction & craft
Liquid Adhesives
1-part systems
High Performance Plastics
PA (PA 6)
PA (PA 6.6)
PA (PA 12)
PVC (harder perfomance)
Thermoplastics (low surface energy)
PE-HD (High Density)
PE-LD (Low Density)
Thermoplastics (Styrenes)
XPS (rigid foam)
Metals - susceptible to corrosion (active)
cast iron
steel (blasted SA 2,5)
Metals - anti corrosive surfaces (passive)
steel - chromated
steel - stainless
steel - galvanised
Glass & Ceramic Materials
mosaic & tiles
Mineral (Construction) Materials
insulating materials
joints & crack repair
gypsum & plasterboard
Wood & Timber
solid timber - untreated
MDF - medium density fiberboard
multiplex board
OSB - oriented strand board
Paper & Cardboard
FR2 - synthetic resin bonded paper
coated cardboards
grey board
PE-coated boards
corrugated cardboard

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