Bitumen Application System

Dosing and Processing Technology

Heated bitumen coating-system for cost-efficient production of bituminous roof membranes in standard- and self-adhesive versions based on various web carrier materials, equipped with melting- and dosing units and flexible slot-die technologies.

The bitumen application-system consist of GX7-, GP45- and KV3-components replaces the usual doctor blade techno- logy for coating the top and bottom of the carrier layer against a modern and adjustable slot-die nozzle technology and, at the same time, applies exactly a width-adjustable side sholder as a self-adhesive version. More cost-intensive bitumen formulation components can now be applied precisely and sparingly in the intended sections, for best material savings and efficiency increase in production.

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1-part systems
1-part systems
Construction materials
Size of application area
m² range - workpiece
Degree of automation
fully automated
stationary unit
Application Types
spray application
surface coating
Material Preparation
hot-melting equipment
Material Feeding / Packaging unit
Tank/ Silo
Material Feeding / Pumps
gear pump
dispensing components
slot-die nozzle technology
≤ 10l/min (approx values)
Curing mechanisms
hot melting process
CE marking
Construction Components & Elements / waterproofing elements
bituminous roof membranes

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