VSE EF ecoflow aluminium flow meter

Measurement & Testing

As a cost-effective and lightweight alternative to the VS volume sensor, we have launched the VSE EF ecoflow series onto the market. The VSE EF ecoflow aluminium flow meter uses the same gearwheel pairs as in the VS.

The flow meters work in accordance with the same displacement principle as the VS, and measure viscous media as an inline device. The pulse frequency is proportional to the speed of the measuring unit wheels driven by the volumetric flow. The pulse evaluation is carried out using VSE evaluation electronics or any other evaluation device.

The flow meters are ideal for low pressure hydraulics, lubrication systems, spray coatings, and with the high temperature option, also for hotmelt.

Product Info
VSE Volumentechnik GmbH
Measurement & Testing

VSE Volumentechnik GmbH, located in Neuenrade (NRW), stands for high precision flow measurement technology. The company develops and produces flow meters for virtually all pumpable media and the corresponding evaluation electronics.


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Processing Technologies
Size of application area
µm²-/µm³ range
cm²-/cm³ range
Liquid Material Systems
1-part systems
2-part systems
Temperature resistance >0°C (approx.)
from 0°C
to +80°C
Degree of automation
fully automated
Application Types
dot application
line, bead application
surface coating
Application Systems
dispensing - with contact
dispensing - conctactless
spray application
hotmelt application
(Mixed) viscosity
low viscosity
medium viscosity
Curing mechanisms
room temperature curing
warm-/hot curing
hot melting process
≤ 10l/min (approx values)
≤ 5ml/min (approx values)
≤ 10ml/min (approx values)
≤ 100ml/min (approx values)
≤ 500ml/min (approx values)
≤ 1l/min (approx values)
≤ 100l/min (approx values)
> 100l/min (approx values)
measurement and testing technology

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