dynamicLine - Dynamic Mixing

Processing Technology

Gasketing, bonding, potting.

With the dynamicLine, DOPAG offers an efficient and economical solution for gasketing/FIPFG applications in various industries.

DynamicLine was developed for the precise processing of highly reactive gasketing, adhesives and pottingcompounds based on polyurethane and silicone – especially when rapid mixing and application are required. Depending on the application, one of the two processes below is used in gasketing.

FIPFG: formed-in-place foam gaskets When gasketing with FIPFG technology, reactive polymer materials are metered precisely, mixed andthen automatically applied on a component along a contour or a level surface. After a certain reaction timedependent on the material and other factors (temperature, humidity), the material foams up and bonds firmlyto the component. Foam gasketing has many advantages compared to cut or manually applied gasketing.The start and end point of the gasket are connected practically seamlessly. They bond without any additionaladhesive tape and there is considerably less waste.

FIPG: formed-in-place gaskets DynamicLine is also perfect for FIPG (formed-in-place gaskets). Here, non-foaming, highly reactive sealingsystems that cannot be processed using a static mixing system are metered, mixed and applied.

Product Info
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Processing Technology

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Size of adhesive area
cm²-/cm³ range
Degree of automation
fully automated
Application Types
line, bead application
Liquid Adhesives
1-part systems
2-part systems
3-part systems
4-/ multi-component systems
Application Systems
dispensing - with contact
cast application
stationary basis
Material Preparation & Feeding
gear pump
Packaging unit

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