Processing Technology

Your partner for thermosetting plastics and their processing systems.

Since 1991 we have been your competent partner for thermosetting plastics such as polyester resins , polyurea coatings and PUR foams as well as for the corresponding process additives . The right processing systems from leading manufacturers for the respective materials, from gelcoat and fiber spray systems to high pressure systems for coatings and low pressure systems for potting compounds and adhesives round off our sales program.

From the first consultation to sales to after-sales service - with us you get everything from a single source.

Find out more about our extensive range of resins, gelcoats, coatings, PUR foams, release agents and systems technology on our website.

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Graco EFR
Processing Technology

The EFR is suitable for all semi and fully automatic adhesive applications. High-precision bead and shot application, from 0.3cm³ / shot.

Graco HFR
Processing Technology

The hydraulic HFR is used for medium to high material output requirements. Manual, semi-automatic or fully automated.

GlueMix FX
Processing Technology

The GlueMix FX is a compact, high-precision dosing machine for 2K materials. Our price/ performance winner for capacities up to 1,200cc / min.

GlueMix VR-HV
Processing Technology
GlueMix VRS
Processing Technology

The GlueMix VRS is suitable for all 2K adhesives available on the market. The all-rounder with a variable mixing ratio.

Graco ExactaBlend™ AGP
Processing Technology

The ExactaBlend AGP is ideally suited for 1:1 as well as 10: 1 systems, where higher material output rates are required.

GlueMix VRS-HP
Processing Technology

The GlueMix VRS-HP is suitable for all 2K adhesives available on the market. The variable GlueMix as a high pressure version (HP).

GlueMix VR
Processing Technology
Graco PR70™
Processing Technology

The PR70 is a compact mixing and dosing station, as a table system. The first choice when it comes to small applications.

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