Fiber spray application system QA02

Processing Technology

Heated hot-melt spray system for the cost-optimized bonding of sheet material and molded parts, equipped with a premelting and metering buffer-unit as well as flexible and adjustable spray nozzle technology.

The melting, dispensing and application system consists of a GX7 drum melting system for processing hotmelts (PUR, PO, PSA, EVA) from 200 liter drum-containers, a GP45 tank-buffer unit equipped with up to 10 metering gear pumps and spray nozzles adapted accordingly via heated hoses. For the desired non-contact transfer of a fibrous adhesive application onto sheet material and molded parts, the application quantity and spray air support can be adjusted to meet best optimize cost efficiency.

Product Info
SM Klebetechnik Vertriebs GmbH
Bonding Technology

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Size of adhesive area
cm²-/cm³ range
m²-/m³ range
1-part systems
hotmelts pressure-sensitive TPR
hotmelts EVA, PA, PO, acrylate
hotmelts EP
hotmelts POR
hotmelts PUR
Mobility - Land Transportation / filter and fluid technology & hvac
lamination - carbon filters
air filters
Medical & Biotechnology / medical equipment & accessories
medical filter
Degree of automation
fully automated
Application Types
surface coating
Liquid Adhesives
1-part systems
Application Systems
spray application
hotmelt application
stationary basis
Material Preparation & Feeding
gear pump
≤ 10l/min (approx values)
Certification & Digitalisation
CE marking
UL certification
Mixing ratio
Medium nature
Curing mechanisms
hot melting process
Packaging unit

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