PUR/POR - Slug-Melter 22kg GR21

Processing Technology

Melting system for gentle melting and processing of moisture-curing hotmelt adhesives in 18kg candle shape wraped in foil-bags, with buffer-reservoir for interruption-free processing and volumetric operating gearpump.

Airtight sealable, maintenance friendly and pneumatic supported slug-melter (melting press) for gentle melting and dosing of moisture curing hotmelt adhesives in 18 kg candle packaging, with reservoir for interruption-free operation during the re-filling process. Material dispensing with precision gear pump driven by a service-free AC-/frequency converter drive, as well as cold start protection, "stand-by"-mode with temperature reduction and anti-stick coating.

Product Info
SM Klebetechnik Vertriebs GmbH
Bonding Technology

Your experts for adhesive technology and hotmelt application facilities.


1-part systems
hotmelts POR
hotmelts PUR
Degree of automation
fully automated
Liquid Adhesives
1-part systems
Application Systems
hotmelt application
stationary basis
Material Preparation & Feeding
gear pump
hot-melting equipment
≤ 1l/min (approx values)
Certification & Digitalisation
CE marking
UL certification
Mixing ratio
Packaging unit
Curing mechanisms
hot melting process

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