Sealant - Application System QX8500

Processing Technology

Heated and volumetrically controlled QX8500 - sealant application system for precise and synchronized material bead placement in intermittend or continous gun-operation and in corellation with a robot automation unit.

The QX8500 sealant application system, which consists of the GX8584 / KP8110 components, is used for interruption-free continuous processes in order to apply optimal sealant and glue beads in a highly dynamic and synchronous manner with the robot speed. This works without waiting or filling cycles, whereby the applied quantities are monitored by an integrated flowmeter and logged in relation with workpiece-related process data acquisition.

Product Info
SM Klebetechnik Vertriebs GmbH
Bonding Technology

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Size of adhesive area
cm²-/cm³ range
1-part systems
Sealant - Butyl
Mobility - Land Transportation / chassis & vehicle superstructures
seam sealings
wall, ceiling & floor panels
composite panels
Mobility - Land Transportation / engine & drive technology
battery bondings
high termperature isolation panels
Degree of automation
fully automated
Application Types
line, bead application
Liquid Adhesives
1-part systems
Application Systems
dispensing - with contact
stationary basis
Material Preparation & Feeding
cavity screw pump
gear pump
≤ 10l/min (approx values)
Certification & Digitalisation
CE marking
Mixing ratio
Curing mechanisms
warm-/hot curing
hot melting process
Packaging unit

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