NODOPUR – Dosing and Mixing System

Processing Technology

If the customer specs for the compact MDM Series can no longer be fulfilled, or the desired equipment exceeds the existing capabilities, the NODOPUR Series can be deployed.

The basic model is mounted on a mobile frame with integrated sump tray and is equipped with 40, 60 or 100 l containers. Of course, all other container sizes can also be considered.

The NODOPUR can be manufactured as a 1-component dosing station, but can also be built as a mixing unit with up to 8 components. The system is controlled via a Siemens touch panel on which the PLC programming is visualized. Our internal programming department designs the function and operation of each machine according to customer requirements or optimizes it for the individual process.

In volume flow-controlled systems, the mixing ratio is regulated in the control system in very short cycle times. In systems without volume flow control, the drives also receive their setpoint speeds from the PLC after the system has been calibrated.

Product Info
Tartler GmbH
Processing Technology

TARTLER GmbH is a special purpose machine manufacturer specialized in the design and manufacture of customized low-pressure machines in the field of dosing and mixing technology.


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Processing Technologies
Size of application area
cm²-/cm³ range
m²-/m³ range
Liquid Material Systems
1-part systems
2-part systems
3-part systems
4-/ multi-component systems
1-part systems
1-part epoxy resins
1-part polyurethane
silicone (RTV-1)
2-part systems
2-part epoxy resins
2-part polyurethane
silicone (RTV-2)
Degree of automation
fully automated
Application Systems
dispensing - with contact
dispensing - conctactless
vacuum processing
cast application
spray application
(Mixed) viscosity
low viscosity
medium viscosity
Mixing ratio
Medium nature
Packaging unit
Tank/ Silo
customized packaging
piston pump
spiral pump
gear pump
membrane pump
Curing mechanisms
room temperature curing
≤ 10l/min (approx values)
≤ 100ml/min (approx values)
≤ 500ml/min (approx values)
≤ 1l/min (approx values)
≤ 100l/min (approx values)
CE marking
UL certification
functional - prototypes
visual prototypes
Renewable Energy / wind power
rotor blades
Sector classification
manufacuting industry

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