ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH

Processing Technology

ViscoTec is a manufacturer of systems for conveying, dosing, application, filling and removal of low to high viscosity adhesives. In addition to technically mature solutions for the most complex tasks, ViscoTec offers all components for the complete application from a single source: From withdrawal and product preparation to dosing. All adhesives are conveyed and metered practically pulsation-free and extremely low in shear force.

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>ViscoTec Metal-free dispenser ViscoTec Metal-free dispenser
Processing Technology

In order to avoid chemical reactions such as hardening or crystallization during the dosing process, any contact with metal in the material contacting area of the dispenser was avoided.

>ViscoTec 2 Component Dispenser ViscoTec 2 Component Dispenser
Processing Technology

The valveless 2-component dispenser convinces with its minimal and very compact size and is especially designed for a significantly reduced space requirement in automation systems.

>ViscoTec 1 Component Dispenser ViscoTec 1 Component Dispenser
Processing Technology

High-precision dosing and application of 1-component adhesives and other low to high viscosity fluids & pastes. No dripping and programmable retraction thanks to the endless piston principle.

>ViscoTec Degassing Systems ViscoTec Degassing Systems
Processing Technology

Uniform and reliable inline material supply with simultaneous degassing - specially designed for processes with low material consumption.

>ViscoTec Emptying systems ViscoTec Emptying systems
Processing Technology

Modern container emptying: For container sizes from approx. 5 l to 300 l. In addition to medium to highly viscous materials, shear-sensitive and solid-laden fluids and pastes can also be conveyed.