Encapsulation - bonding of dam & fill

These days bonding processes are becoming ever more complex and the projects ever more challenging. Substratec Ltd supports your business in finding suitable adhesive bonding methods, corresponding surface technologies and relevant application systems, both on- and offline:

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dam & fill

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Polytec EP 630 - Unfilled Epoxy Adhesive
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Polytec EP 630 is a 100% solid, two-component, low viscosity, high temperature adhesive, underfill and encapsulation.

JetModule® COշ Snow-Jet Technology
Surface Treatment

Process modules for system integration.

JetWorker® COշ Snow-Jet Technology
Surface Treatment

Portable and manual cleaning system operated with the quattroClean snow-jet technology based on COշ.

JetStation® COշ Snow-Jet Technology
Surface Treatment

Manual or semi-automated enclosed systems for lower volume, specialised or R&D applications.

JetCell® COշ Snow-Jet cleaning system
Surface Treatment

Flexible, automated production for CO2 snow-jet cleaning; inline, stand-alone and application specific configurations.

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