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These days bonding processes are becoming ever more complex and the projects ever more challenging. Substratec Ltd supports your business in finding suitable adhesive bonding methods, corresponding surface technologies and relevant application systems, both on- and offline:

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mounting tapes

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Hotmelts - Construction
Adhesive Bonding Technology

The construction industry places extremely high demands on adhesives: temperatures below freezing point in winter, high temperatures in summer, sun or rain, dusty environments – all of this calls for high-quality adhesives.

Hotmelts - Transportation
Adhesive Bonding Technology

“On the road with artimelt” is another way to describe transportation applications. This sector has many different demands, from foams and hook & loop solutions, to assembly tapes or mats that meet high requirements.

Hotmelts - Tapes
Adhesive Bonding Technology

The high quality and unique composition of artimelt’s versatile hot melt adhesives make them a convincing solution for adhesive tapes. artimelt develops suitable hot melts for almost every application and requirement.

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