Kisling 2124

Adhesive Bonding Technology

An adhesive for quick bonding of flat single metal sheets to a laminated core, as required for stators or rotors in electric motor construction.

2124 is a low to medium viscous modified urethane acrylate adhesive, suitable for all applications where good long-term resistance to impact, peel forces and vibration is required. The product achieves excellent strength on metals and withstands a wide range of climatic conditions. The fast curing at room temperature can be accelerated considerably by using the 4900, 4901, 4910 or 4920 activators, allowing production cycle times between 10 and 20 seconds.


  • Curable either with activators at 25°C within ~ 10 seconds or by heat (90°C – 130°C) within 60 seconds, depending on the coating
  • May be applied either via dosing tips or screen-printing process
  • Good adhesion to C5 – coatings
  • Excellent resistance against ATF and other synthetic oils
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Kisling AG
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Kisling is a leading manufacturer of high-quality adhesives, sealants and encapsulants for almost every line of industry- electronics, mechanical engineering, pump and valve construction and mobility.

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Adhesive and sealant systems
1-part systems
acrylate anaerobic
1-part systems
steel - chromated
steel - stainless
steel - galvanised
zinc (also galvanized materials)
Size of application area
mm²-/mm³range - precision parts
cm²-/cm³ range - component
Curing mechanisms
room temperature curing
warm-/hot curing
anaerobic curing
Pot life @ +20/23°C - Minimum / seconds
6-10 sec
Processability (approx.)
≤ 30 minutes
(Mixed) viscosity
low viscosity
Packaging unit
small packaging unit (can, tube, etc.)
temperature resistance <0°C (approx.)
from -55°C
from -50°C
from -40°C
temperature resistance >0°C (approx.)
to +150°C
to +160°C
to +180°C
colour and colour fastness

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