3D-Print nozzles and mixer

Dosing and Processing Technology

Individual nozzles and static mixers thanks to 3D printing processes.

Successful bonding starts with the right nozzle

There is the challenge for every customer that the standard nozzle is the optimal type of application for almost no adhesive application.

With our custom-made cartridge tips and static mixers, we offer solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs. Our goal is to help you optimize your industrial bonding processes with repeatable accuracy.

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Innotech Marketing und Konfektion Rot GmbH

Innotech Marketing und Konfektion Rot (LCC) offers the largest selection Germany-wide of application guns from various manufacturers coming along with competent support and official manufacturer repair services.


Dispensing and application systems
Dispensing adhesives and sealants
Size of application surface
mm²-/mm³range - precision parts
cm²-/cm³ range - workpieces
m² range - components
Degree of automation
manuel application
semi automatic (hand-operated)
mobile devices
application guns
1-part dispensing guns
2-part dispensing guns
dispensing components
static mixer
nozzle accessories
Production Alternatives
In-house production
no undercuts
W 1-10mm
W 11-50mm
H 1-10mm
H 11-50mm
dark colour spectrum
L 51-100mm
3D printing methods
FDM - Fused Deposition Modeling
Manufacturing process
small-lot production

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