Anaerobic dosing systems

Dosing and Processing Technology

Anaerobic dosing systems are used for the application of anaerobic adhesives. A frequent field of application is, for example, the bonding of core hole covers.

An anaerobic dosing system consists of a single or double filling station for different container sizes. In addition, there is a specific adhesive dispensing point, which is available in a wide variety of configurations depending on requirements, rotationally or as a droplet dispensing point. A control unit controls and monitors the dosing process. Anaerobic dosing systems are integrated into automated assembly stations, but are also available as operator-guided manual application or tripod solution.

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DoBoTech AG
Dosing and Processing Technology

DoBoTech AG is an innovative company which has put its focus on the technologies of dosing, sealing, adhesives, assembly and control systems.


1-part systems
1-part systems
1-part acrylate aerob
1-part cyanacrylate
Dispensing and application systems
Dispensing adhesives and sealants
Size of application surface
cm²-/cm³ range - workpieces
m² range - components
Degree of automation
semi automatic (hand-operated)
fully automated
stationary unit
Application Types
dot application
line, bead application
Anchoring & Fixing
screw thread - through hole
screw thread - pocket hole bore
chemical screw retention

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