Dosing and Processing Technology

In an industrial production facility by assembly, the planetary mixer is the best solution for making mixtures of two-component products high quality.

To obtain the guarantee of a perfect dosage, the upstream mixture must be him too. KEOL material mixes without air bubbles, homogeneous and uniform whatever the characteristics of the materials to be mixed: glues, silicone resins, liquids of varying degrees of viscosity and density, materials loaded with particles, with dyes, etc. This system performs a mixing and deaeration function by a double movement of pivoting and rotation. Not only does the planetary mixer fulfill the primary objective of degassing products but also promotes the reproducibility of the assay!

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Adhesive Bonding Technology

KEOL specializes in the manufacture of premium quality gluing products. Mono- and bi-component polyurethane resins, casting silicones, MS bonding polymers, transparent UV adhesives … Combined with high-precision dispensing equipment and high-tech polymerization.

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