Conti Flow Robot

Dosing and Processing Technology

The Conti Flow series offers reproducible dispensing precision and mixing performance. Whether for bonding, sealing, potting or other metering and mixing processes. It is suitable for processing liquid to highly viscous single- or multi-component materials. Thanks to the configurable system concept, functions and options, it meets the most individual process requirements.

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Reinhardt-Technik GmbH
Dosing and Processing Technology

Our claim is to offer you the optimum solution for your application. Therefore, we are constantly developing our systems and setting trends in metering and mixing technology. We provide individual systems for highly complex production environments.


Adhesive and sealant systems
1-part systems
2-part systems
1-part systems
1-part STP - silane modified polymers
2-part systems
2-part STP - silane modified polymers
Degree of automation
fully automated
stationary unit
Application Types
line, bead application
Material Feeding / Pumps
gear pump
Application, processing and systems
Application and Dispensing
Dispensing/ Processing Technologies
Renewable Energy / wind power
rotor blades

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