MDM – Compact Dosing and Mixing System

Dosing and Processing Technology

If you are looking for a compact dosing and mixing system for a maximum of 2 flowable components, you should take a closer look at the MDM series. With this range of systems, outputs of 0.05 l/min up to 3.5 l/min can be achieved. The MDM is characterized by high mixing ratio accuracy, ease of maintenance and the easy, functional operation via the Siemens LOGO control (from MDM 5).

The basic equipment includes plastic containers which are filled manually and are not pressurized with compressed air. Alternatively, the material can also be supplied via stainless steel containers or higher positioned containers. The dosing is done by means of high-precision gear pumps. Possible settings of the mixing ratio depend on the selected machine equipment.

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Tartler GmbH
Dosing and Processing Technology

TARTLER GmbH is a special purpose machine manufacturer specialized in the design and manufacture of customized low-pressure machines in the field of dosing and mixing technology.

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Sector expertise
Manufacuting industry
Dispensing and application systems
Dispensing adhesives and sealants
Size of application surface
cm²-/cm³ range - workpieces
m² range - components
Degree of automation
fully automated
stationary unit
mobile devices
Application Types
dispensing - with contact
dispensing - conctactless
casting, sealing
spray application
Material Preparation
heating system
Material Feeding / Pumps
gear pump
membrane pump
Material Feeding / Packaging unit
customized packaging
dispensing components
static mixer
rotation system
≤ 10ml/min (approx values)
≤ 100ml/min (approx values)
≤ 500ml/min (approx values)
≤ 1l/min (approx values)
≤ 10l/min (approx values)
Chemical Basis
epoxy resins
silicone (RTV)
1-part systems
2-part systems
x : x
Curing mechanisms
room temperature curing
Medium nature
(Mixed) viscosity (mPas)
0,8 - 195 mPas
3.000 - 19.500 mPas
CE marking
UL certification
Application, processing and systems
Application and Dispensing
Dispensing/ Processing Technologies
functional - prototypes
visual prototypes
Microtechnology / encapsulation

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