Adhesives and bonding technological solutions

We are a company with extensive experience in adhesives and bonding consulting. We provide our clients with support about which adhesives and bonding materials to use, about their proper use for specific applications and also about optimizing bonding processes. We mainly consult for:

  • Companies that determine that they spend too much time on meetings with multiple suppliers
  • Companies which are aware of the importance of choosing the right adhesives / sealants and their proper use in the production process, because they understand, that most of the problems are result of incorrect choice and/or incorrect use.
  • Companies that care about our environment and want to use safe and effective surface cleaning equipment before bonding or welding, eliminating the need for hazardous chemicals or sandblasting media by integration into an automated production process.

We are a partner to many renown companies in the region in many industries.

Our mission is to coordinate the communication between our client and the potential producers, performing the first selection and testing materials, and participating in the process when introducing technology into the production process with training the users for proper use.

In a nutshell, our adhesives and bonding technological solutions consist of:

  1. Consulting,
  2. Supervision of bonding and
  3. Training of in-house bonders

We settle for nothing less than perfect® PROTEAM

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