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Bonding projects thrive when experts exchange their experience and technical expertise. Industrial requirements for adhering highly complex modern materials continue to change as new materials and material combinations are introduced. The search for the right adhesive in this regard can be tedious and oftentimes costly.

Do your company’s projects require surface pretreatment, application systems or adhesive technologies? Is there a need for further training for hand-operated or robotic bonding processes?

Our on- and offline support is project-oriented and manufacturer-neutral.

Thank you for joining Substratec. Please tell me more about who you are, what you do, and when you need adhesive solution.

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Substratec GmbH - Project Support

Adhesive bonding and coating projects thrive when experts exchange their experience and technical expertise.

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Adhesive and sealant systems
Mobility - Land Transportation / chassis & vehicle superstructures
on request
Boat & Shipbuilding / marine engineering
several bondings - marine engines
Aviation & Aerospace / primary structure
several bondings - primary structure
Aviation & Aerospace / secondary structure
several bondings - secondary structures
Aviation & Aerospace / interior space
several bondings - interior
Aviation & Aerospace / engine & drive technology
several bondings - motor & drive technology
Aviation & Aerospace / maintenance, repair & overhaul (mro)
several bondings - motor & drive technology
White Goods & Consumer Electronics / mobile phones
several bondings - mobile phones
Machine & Production Engineering / magnesium half shells
several bondings - magnesium half shells
Machine & Production Engineering / ball bearing
several bondings - housing sealings
Medical & Biotechnology / medical equipment & accessories
several bondings - medical equipments
medical applications
several bondings - medical applications
Construction Components & Elements / prefabricated construction
several bondings - prefabricated elements
Construction Components & Elements / composite panels
several bondings - composite panels
Construction Components & Elements / insulating elements
several bondings - insulations
Construction Components & Elements / plastic elements
several bondings - plastic elements
Construction Components & Elements / 3D Thermoformig
several bondings - 3D thermo
Construction Components & Elements / 3D Printing
several bondings - 3D print
Construction Components & Elements / metal elements
several bondings - metal elements
Construction Components & Elements / heating, ventilation & air conditioning technology
several bondings - hvac
Construction Components & Elements / sanitary technology
several bondings - sanitary
Defense Technology
several bondings - defense
Industrial Plants & Heavy Industry
several bondings - heavy industry
Textile & Leather Processing / clothing
several bondings - clothing
Textile & Leather Processing / footwear
several bondings - footwear
Textile & Leather Processing / construction textiles
several bondings - construction fabrics
Renewable Energy / wind power
rotor blades
energy storage systems
Renewable Energy / solar technology
photovoltaic elements
hot water collectors
Maintenance - Industrial Facilities / energy supply
several bondings - energy

The search results from SUBSTRATEC are not sales recommendations and/or professional technical advice. It is only intended to make it easier for the user to pre-select suitable system that may be available. SUBSTRATEC gives no guarantee that the system suggested is successful or suitable for the specific area of application of the user. In the event of any questions regarding the use and suitability for the specific application, the user has the possibility to directly contact the respective technical contact person of the relevant manufacturer or supplier. See for further information Terms of Use.

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