VoE - Testing System

Measurement, Testing, QA

Post-Process control with VoE-camera system (Vision over Ethernet).

Downstreamed optical inspection of adhesive seams and sealant beads.

With subsequent inspection, the workpiece is only inspected after the sealing bead has been completely applied. For this purpose, the workpiece is presented in one or more positions in front of a multi-camera system with stationary cameras.

  • Adhesive bead is only inspected shortly before installation
  • Plant-specific, individual system set-ups
  • Different working distances
  • Variable number of cameras

Our modular, PC-based camera systems of the VoE product line can be easily integrated into the production process. The camera systems can be expanded at any time without having to modify existing system components.

VoE-test system

Vision over Ethernet (VoE) is a PC-based image processing concept from VisionTools based on decentralised hardware. The system contains specially developed hardware, which is perfectly matched and offers many advantages.

  • The control cabinet can be omitted, saving floor space and air conditioning.
  • Low component diversity, thus fewer spare parts
  • Can be extended almost at will without retrofitting
  • Ready-to-install cables in standard lengths to reduce installation effort
  • Cameras with different sensor resolutions 1.6 - 12 Mega Pixel
  • High variety of machine interfaces
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VisionTools Bildanalyse Systeme GmbH
Measurement, Testing, QA

VisionTools Bildanalyse Systeme GmbH offers a wide range of products for the optical inspection of adhesive and sealing beads in automated application processes.

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