JetModule® COշ Snow-Jet Technology

Surface Treatment

Process modules for system integration.

For a superior cleaning effect use the most efficient, reliable & stable snow-jet technology

Description and features

  • COշ snow jet module to integrate the cleaning process within customer production processes e.g. cleaning before painting
  • Control connection of the actuators and sensors into the parent system control via integrated I/O-terminal in the control cabinet
  • A hose assembly supplies the nozzle technology of the system with compressed air and liquid COշ from the media cabinet
  • Safe monitoring of the COշ concentration in the vicinity and automated shutdown of the COշ supply if the limit is exceeded
  • Integrated monitoring of the snow-jet cleaning process
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acp systems AG
Surface Treatment

Technology leader for advanced clean production. The core technologies are quattroClean snow jet cleaning, micro-dispensing and smart handling.


Subsurface preparation / mechanical, physical
Dispensing and application systems
Surface pretreatment
Size of application area
µm²-/µm³ range - micro parts
mm²-/mm³range - precision parts
cm²-/cm³ range - component
Mobility - Land Transportation / engine and drive technology
battery bondings
Mobility - Land Transportation / vehicle electronics
sensor bondings
Microtechnology / chipbonden
Microtechnology / encapsulation
glob top
dam & fill

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