Fe-Ma-Tech Maintenance & Service

2023 Service provider

FE-MA-TECH® - Your competent partner for machines and hot melt systems.

We provide you comprehensive service for hot-glue systems

  • Complete dismantlement (depending on unit)
  • Cleaning of all components
  • Inspection of all mechanical components e.g. for wear
  • Inspection of entire electrical system for proper functioning
  • Replacement of defective components (e.g. bushings, seals, heating elements…)
  • Coatings or paint finishes
  • Complete assembly
  • Functional testing with inspection report and electrical check-up
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Dosing and Processing Technology

FE-MA-TECH® works very successfully throughout Europe in the fields of mechanical engineering, machine service and gluing system service for leading companies in furniture production, wood processing, as well as in the food and packaging industry.


Solution provider for external production
maintenance and service
Dispensing and application systems
Dispensing adhesives and sealants
Curing mechanisms
melting process
Degree of automation
semi automatic (hand-operated)
fully automated
stationary unit
mobile devices
Lot production
Application Types
dot application
spray application
surface coating

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