Ceramabond 571 – High Temperature Ceramic Adhesive

Adhesive Bonding Technology

Ceramabond 571 is for the assembly and insulation of ceramic and metal components, as well as protective coating of oxygen sensors for the control of ashing devices. Also for the production of heaters, ignition systems high-performance resistors or high-performance sensors and instruments such as gas-phase chromatograph, mass spectrometers, oxygen analyzers and temperature sensors. There is no gas emission in ultra high vacuum.

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Adhesive Bonding Technology

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Sector expertise
Manufacuting industry
Adhesive and sealant systems
2-part systems
2-part systems
2-part inorganic systems
cast iron
steel - blasted SA 2,5
steel - chromated
steel - stainless
steel - galvanised
Glass & Ceramic Materials
Construction materials
insulating materials
Size of application area
mm²-/mm³range - precision parts
cm²-/cm³ range - component
Curing mechanisms
room temperature curing
(Mixed) viscosity
temperature resistance >0°C (approx.)
above +900°C
colour and colour fastness
Anchoring & Fixing
chemical screw retention

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