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Adhesive Bonding Technology

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For many decades now, Weiss has been a synonym for top-level services in the segments of adhesives and sandwich panel technology. Pooling these two core competences under a single roof has put us in a position to offer our customers complete and efficient solutions on a high technical level.

In Europe we are among the market leaders in these two segments, while we are also increasingly selling our products in non-European countries such as e.g. in China and in the US.

Powerful product portfolio
Experience a whole new dimension of quality with Weiss products:

Adhesives Division
Currently our product pipeline includes more than 400 types of surface, construction, instant, and special adhesives for a multitude of different applications. A comprehensive selection of special cleaning agents, special products, and accessories also constitutes a part of our delivery program. Thus we offer our customers a universal program with solutions in the segment of "adhesives". On request, we are also prepared to modify our adhesive systems, adjusting them to the exact requirements of our customers, thereby creating professional and innovative solutions with great benefits for production procedures and profitability.

Composite Panels Division
Our composite panels consist exclusively of high-quality material composites and are joined using an adhesive that has been developed by our company exclusively for that purpose and proven its reliability over the course of many years, resulting in a premium composite panel that may fully convince in terms of quality, solidity and longevity.

Due to a wide variety of available top layers and core materials, as well as the option of combining them in various ways, there are countless possiblities for designing a finished product.

As a member of ift (Institut für Fenstertechnik) we regularly test new and/or further developed composite panels for thermal, noise and/or impact resistant properties. We thus offer you maximum safety since the test results are not only met in practical applications, but will be surpassed in most cases.

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COSMO DS-420.110
Adhesive Bonding Technology

COSMO DS-420.110 is a solvent-free gap-filling and universally applicable assembly adhesive sealing compound with a particularly high initial adhesion and an elastic adhesive sealing joint.

COSMO HD-100.400
Adhesive Bonding Technology

The multi-talent - A very good consistency characterizes this flexible all-purpose sealing adhesive with high breaking elongation.

COSMO PU-100.110
Adhesive Bonding Technology

COSMO PU-100.110 is the ideal solution for nearly all current constructional bonding applications. Even at extreme load, you achieve safe and durable assemblies of your jointing components, both in handcraft as well as in the industrial field.

COSMO HD-100.220
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Hybrid-Assembly-Adhesive - 1-part STP-assembly adhesive with particularly high initial bonding strength and tackiness, even suitable for vertical and overhead applications.

COSMO HD-200.101
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Elastic 2-component STP-adhesive for a multitude of assembly bonding applications, with homogeneous through-hardening and reliable process time during the application.

COSMO PU-190.110
Adhesive Bonding Technology

COSMOPUR FaserPlus - This new developed power adhesive on polyurethane basis excels with its particular power reinforcement by means of incorporated glass fibres.

COSMO PU-160.110
Adhesive Bonding Technology

COSMO PU-160.110, constructional adhesive with hard and tough glued joint, is used in the wood processing, in the dry construction for the bonding of overlapping edges of floor pavement elements or as surface adhesive for a lot of industrial applications.

COSMO CA-500.110
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Only a few drops of this super-fast instant glue suffice for most applications in order to achieve powerful assemblies. The practical PE-bottles make possible a dot-like accurate application of the adhesive onto the parts to be bonded.

COSMO HD-100.600
Adhesive Bonding Technology

MS sealant for adhesive and sealing applications in various industries with excellent adhesion to EPDM.

COSMO PU-100.900
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Biobased PUR assembly adhesive. 1-C-PUR-Assembly adhesive for universal use.

COSMO PU-200.180
Adhesive Bonding Technology

This adhesive is used for the bonding of PVC-hard, pre-treated aluminium, stainless steel, fibre-glass reinforced plastics GRP/GFK and different types of insulating material to be used constructively, like Lolamat.

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