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Intelligent solutions by DOPAG

We are one of the world’s most experienced manufacturers of high-quality metering technology. Wherever adhesives, resins, silicones or lubricants are metered and applied in industrial production, we offer reliable, precise solutions. We provide systems and components for highly automated production processes, including for the automotive, wind, household appliances and electrical industries, as well as for aviation and space travel.

DOPAG is part of the HILGER & KERN GROUP, a reliable supplier, development and service partner to industrial companies in a variety of market segments for over 90 years. The group employs around 350 people and has subsidiaries and distributors in more than 40 countries.

Your partnership with DOPAG

  • One contact for the entire system solution: from the dynamic mixing head and automation to service
  • Competent support, design and process automation
  • A dedicated technical centre for testing and customer training
  • Contract production: sampling, prototypes, small volumes and large-scale production
  • Close collaboration and regular communication with material manufacturers
  • Decades of experience in metering and mixing technology
  • Global distribution and service in over 40 countries

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dynamicLine - Dynamic Mixing
Dosing and Processing Technology

Dynamic Mixing System for Gasketing/FIPFG .

vectomix - 2-part piston metering system
Dosing and Processing Technology

High precision dispensing of filled materials.

eldomix - 2-part gear metering system
Dosing and Processing Technology

For the processing of low to medium viscosity multiple component materials.

variomix- 2-part piston metering system
Dosing and Processing Technology

Precise dosing of highly filled materials.

vectodis - 1-part piston metering system
Dosing and Processing Technology

Carrying out single-component materials by dot or as bead application.

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