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Dosing and Processing Technology

Scheugenpflug GmbH is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced systems for efficient adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting processes. The product portfolio ranges from state-of-the-art material preparation and feeding systems to high-performance manual workstations to modular inline and automation solutions specially tailored to customer requirements. Scheugenpflug has further subsidiaries in the USA, China and Mexico, as well as numerous service locations and sales partners worldwide.

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Low volume dispenser (DosPL DPL2001)
Dosing and Processing Technology

The DosPL DPL2001 piston dispenser takes precise and high-precision dosing to a new level. The increasing miniaturization of components in the automotive electronics, industrial electronics, medical electronics, and consumer electronics requires new, innovative dosing solutions.

High perfomance dispenser (DosPL DP2001)
Dosing and Processing Technology

The piston dispenser for maximum speed. The DosP DP2001 piston dispenser provides a solution for the industry requirements of Automotive Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Medical Electronics and Consumer Electronics for the shortest cycle times and highest dispensing qualities.

Systems for integration (DispensingStation)
Dosing and Processing Technology

The Scheugenpflug DispensingStation is a modern plug & produce integration solution for flexible dispensing and fast cycle times.

Feeding system for self-levelling materials (LiquiPrep)
Dosing and Processing Technology

There’s no denying it: Electronic components have to work. An optimal dispensing performance as well as an absolutely homogeneous and bubble-free material are the prerequisites for this.

Systems for integration (Processmodule)
Dosing and Processing Technology

Our processing modules can be quickly and reliably integrated in new or existing production lines as easy as “plug-and-produce”. This ensures that processes related to adhesive bonding and potting are precisely matched to each other.

Vacuum dispensing systems (VDS-P)
Dosing and Processing Technology

Vacuum Dispensing System VDS Power. Increasing quality requirements and workpiece complexity or added degrees of freedom in design and engineering are just some of the many reasons to choose vacuum potting.

Gear pump dispensers (Dos GP)
Dosing and Processing Technology

The Dos GP systems are the first choice for 1C bead applications and for sealing and adhesive bonding using 1C potting material. This dispenser is able to apply variable material quantities continuously at high dispensing speeds.

PailFeed - feed system fpr viscous media
Dosing and Processing Technology

Economical and reliable feed system for abrasive and non-abrasive materials.

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