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Surface Treatment

relyon plasma offers a wide range of specialized plasma components for manual applications and inline processes. Atmospheric pressure plasmas, which are generated by electrical discharges in air or other gases, have a remarkable combination of properties that allow unique surface treatment. Such plasmas produce large quantities of very reactive but short-lived chemical species. These can disinfect, clean, modify and functionalize a wide range of surfaces, preparing them for bonding, painting and printing.

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plasmabrush® PB3
Surface Treatment

High-performance atmospheric plasma system.

Surface Treatment

Compact plasma integration as industry standard of the future

plasmacell P300
Surface Treatment

Plasma all-in-one system for small to medium-sized components.

Surface Treatment

The perfect tool for flexible and easy surface treatment in industrial environments.

plasmabrush ®Integration
Surface Treatment

Complete plasma solution for stationary use in production lines

piezobrush® PZ3
Surface Treatment

Effective plasma handheld device for manual use.

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