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Adhesive Bonding Technology

We build on over 100 years experience in bonding and sealing

Since 1918, when the company was founded by Walter Merz and Dr Albert Benteli, as an independent company, merz+benteli, has developed and marketed technically leading elastic sealants and adhesives.

History made with lighting, gluing and sealing

In 1918 Walter Merz and Albert Benteli founded the company with the intention to produce high-quality adhesives and luminescent materials for the watch industry. For many decades, the adhesive Cementit was part of everyday life in most Swiss households. Today merz+benteli develops, produces and markets elastic adhesives and sealants of the highest quality.

Locally based, internationally successful

Over 100 employees work for merz+benteli in Niederwangen near Bern. The niche player focuses on providing solutions for demanding customer requirements. With selected partners merz+benteli generates sales of around CHF 50 million (20% in Switzerland, 80% in exports). With the brands Gomastit for construction applications, Merbenit for industrial applications, and Merbenature made from over 50% renewable resources, merz+benteli is a specialist in the areas of sealing, gluing and protecting.

merz+benteli ag has been at the forefront of the industry always introducing new technologies into market friendly formulations. Thus, in 1930, the synthetic universal glue 'Cementit' was invented and brought to marketability. In the 1950s and 1960s, the technological focus was on the development of 1-component and 2-component polysulfide and silicone sealants of the brand 'Gomastit'. Since 1986, merz+benteli has focused on the use of SMP, so-called silane-modified polymers, and have specialized in this sector, consistently placing technologically leading industrial products under the brand name 'Merbenit' on the market. The independent Swiss company therefore has a long tradition and a pronounced formulation know-how, which will support and enable continued strategic success in the future. In addition to the well-known first-class quality products, the right service at the right time in the right place is its almost 100 employees, which are central to the success of the company.

Research secures the future

Sense today what is needed tomorrow, develop today what must stand the test of time: Quality is the priority of merz+benteli ag. We invest and conduct research to achieve this. Studies predict that the sealing and bonding industry has a promising future, because bonding has advantages over conventional, mechanical joining techniques.

SMP adhesives and sealants also for industry

SMP’s advantages and the expertise the company had acquired could also be used effectively in new products and applications. In 2008, merz+benteli launched its new Merbenit product range of industrial sealants and adhesives, which it has been expanding steadily ever since. Today, we offer more than 100 SMP-based adhesives and sealants in our range. The brand has become well-established internationally, notably in the processing industry, automotive and shipbuilding industries. To satisfy growing demand, in 2012 we significantly enlarged our capacity with two fully automated production lines.

SMP sealant from organic materials

The growing environmental awareness of many building owners and new certifications such as Minergie-ECO presented merz-benteli’s developers with a challenge. There was now demand for a sealant made from biobased raw materials, free of solvents, silicone, heavy metals (tin), isocyanates, halogens and phthalate softeners. In 2015 we presented the result: the resource-efficient SMP sealant Merbenature, which is manufactured from more than 50 % renewable raw materials.

Special adhesives and sealants for special customers

Customers with specific product requirements receive extensive expert advice from merz+benteli on different options and product variations. A team of specialists develops customised formulas and product designs for each customer. If customers want to sell the sealant or adhesive under their own name, then merz+benteli will fill the product in the customer’s own packaging, even in smaller amounts.

merbenTECH: high-performance, exclusive technology

With the merbenTECH label, merz+benteli offers products based on an unusual high-performance technology. They are based on silane-modified polymers and are free of isocyanate and solvents. Sealants with merbenTECH mostly bond to all typical materials without adhesion promoter, are environmentally safe, can be glazed over immediately and are easy to apply. The elastic adhesives feature advanced and durable mechanical properties with a high strength bond. merbenTECH is a technology exclusive to merz+benteli and is used in our Merbenit, Gomastit, and Merbenature brands. merbenTECH is a registered trademark, patented and the property of merz+benteli.

Expertise, passion, and quality

Combining top-performing sealants and adhesives with environmental sustainability and consistent quality – this is a clearly defined objective at merz+benteli. Highly qualified, competent specialists work passionately to achieve these ends, while state-of-the-art, automated and computer- monitored manufacturing facilities ensure competitive productivity and uniform product quality.

Commitment to the location of Switzerland

There are many reasons for merz+benteli’s success. One is ‘Swissness’: Exclusive development and production in Switzerland guarantees consistent product characteristics, constant innovation and strict adherence to environmental standards. We want to write another 100 years of successful Swiss economic history.

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Gomastit FireSeal MS 90
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Gomastit FireSeal MS 90 is an permanently elastic SMP-based joint sealant with a fire resistance of up to 120 minutes. Tested and classified for all joint orientations according to EN 1366-4.

Merbenit 2K10

2-component adhesive that achieves regardless of the humidity high strength. Adheres thanks to SMP base to various, even on moisture-impermeable materials and substrates.

Merbenit 2K20
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Merbenit 2K20 is a self-leveling 2-components sealing compound based on SMP.

Merbenit 2K60
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Permanently elastic 2-component adhesive with a very fast strength build-up and very good adhesion properties, especially on synthetics which are difficult to bond.

Merbenit E20
Adhesive Bonding Technology

With a density of 0.70 g/cm³ Merbenit E20 is much lighter than other products. This permanent elastic adhesive and sealant based on SMP is suitable for many industry and automotive applications.

Merbenit HS60
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Merbenit HS60 is a high modulus, elastic adhesive with high strength. Adheres thanks SMP base to various materials. Merbenit HS60 is also approved for use in foodstuff related areas as well as for ventilation systems.

Merbenit HM21
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Merbenit HM21 is an elastic adhesive with excellent sealing properties. Thanks to SMP base universally applicable and highly durable.

Merbenit HT50
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Merbenit HT50 is a permanently elastic adhesive with high initial tack. Adheres thanks SMP base to various materials and surfaces. Merbenit HT50 is also approved for use in foodstuff related areas.

Merbenit PC200
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Merbenit PC200 is a short-term high temparature resistant, fast curing, elastic sealant and adhesive with especially high and fast strength building. Based on SMP it adheres to various materials and substrates. The high temparature resistance up to 240°C allows elastic bonding of components which are exposed to short-term high temperatures in the production procedure or at the end application.

Merbenit RV30
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Elastic sealant, suitable for application in rail vehicle construction. Fulfills the Hazard levels HL1 and HL2 according to EN 45545-2, requirements R22 + R23 and can therefore be used for sealants where fire safety is important.

Merbenit RV55
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Elastic, high-strength sealing adhesive for constructions where fire safety is key. Suitable for bonding in the outdoor and indoor areas of rail vehicles. Tested according to EN 45545-2, requirement sets R22 + R23. Classifies as the highest hazard level HL 3.

Merbenit SK212
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Merbenit SK212 is an elastic adhesive with high initial tack and strength. Thanks SMP base especially suitable for bondings where short handling strength is required; for example for bonding windscreens on vehicles. Merbenit SK212 is certified after the branch standards NCAP and FMVSS212.

Merbenit ST40
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Merbenit ST40 is a sprayable, elastic adhesive with excellent sealing properties. Adheres thanks SMP base to various materials. Merbenit ST40 allows to apply seam and joint sealings with different surface structures as well as perform efficiently large area bondings.

Merbenit TS40 transparent
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Merbenit TS40 is a transparent, elastic adhesive with excellent sealing properties. Adheres thanks SMP base to various materials and surfaces in the interior area.

Merbenit XS55
Adhesive Bonding Technology

Merbenit XS55 is an elastic adhesive with fast building and especially high strength of 5.5 N/mm². Adheres thanks SMP base to various materials and surfaces.

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