Curtain-Coat CoEx slot-die applicator KC05

Dosing and Processing Technology

Heated contact-less slot-die application head assembly to apply accurately 2 different thermoplastic hotmelt-adhesives at same time for special multi-layer composites production in continuous coating operation.

Precision contact-less curtain-coat slot-die application head to apply 2 structurally different hotmelt adhesives in a co-extrusion / curtain-coat process for the production of special multy-layer composites with selective surface and adhesion propperties. A special mouthpiece geometry and an adapted material filter ensures a high operation reliability for dual-layer in-line coating processes with applications-weights of 3 to 500 g/m² in contiuous operation.

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Adhesive and sealant systems
1-part systems
1-part systems
pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA)
hotmelts EVA, PA, PO, acrylate
hotmelts EP
hotmelts POR
hotmelts PUR
Size of application surface
m² range - components
Areas up to 10m²
Degree of automation
fully automated
stationary unit
Application Types
dispensing - conctactless
surface coating
Material Feeding / Packaging unit
sticks/ blocks/ granulate
Material Feeding / Pumps
gear pump
dispensing components
slot-die nozzle technology
Suface application weight
≤ 10g/m² (approx values)
≤ 100g/m² (approx values)
≤ 250g/m² (approx values)
≤ 500g/m² (approx values)
Curing mechanisms
hot melting process
CE marking
UL certification
Application, processing and systems
Application and Dispensing
Dispensing/ Processing Technologies
Labeling, Adhesive Tapes, Packaging
removable labels
permanent labels
Construction Components & Elements / expendable materials
self-adhesive foils
Textile & Leather Processing / cover material
lamination - textile webs
automotive textiles
Textile & Leather Processing / functional textiles
lamination - textile webs
membrane laminations

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