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Since SKZ was founded in 1961 we offer holistic solutions for companies within the plastics industry.

  • We are the leading specialists in all aspects of plastics.
  • We work close to our customers and thus enable them to achieve top performance.
  • We always work reliably, conscientiously and confidentially on the tasks assigned to us.

In doing so, we maintain an extremely cooperative relationship with our customers at eye level.

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Education adhesive bonding

In this day and age, adhesive technology is an integral part of our everyday lives. There are numerous products in the retail trade, such as superglue or wood glue, which anyone can use themselves.

Education Surface Technologies

Nowadays, the material alone can hardly meet all the requirements placed on the finished plastic product. Optimizing the plastic surface, on the other hand, offers countless possibilities for achieving a desired requirements profile.

Development & Consulting adhesive bonding
Adhesive Bonding Technology

When planning bonded joints in an industrial environment, many challenges and questions often arise.

Development & Consulting surface technology
Surface Treatment

Often, product quality depends on one decisive variable - the quality of the surface. Achieving this through the right settings in the processing procedure is often a challenge.